Find Your Wings

by Daniel Kelly 2019

G               C          D          G
As I walk through the world, down here on the ground,
     C         G         C          D
Where beauty and magic, can hardly be found
     Em         C          D       G
There is sadness and fear, in the faces I see,
     C          G          D           G
And I wonder if the same, Is reflected in me

G                          C     G
You can’t see my wings, but I use them to fly,
C             G                    Am      D
They carry my dreams, through the darkening sky,
G                               C                     Em        
I don’t know where I found them, and I can’t tell you why
     C          G          D        G
But find your wings, and they’ll carry you high

Your dreams may be small, or may fill up the world,
You may hide them away, or keep them bravely unfurled,
But if you will let it, a spark it can grow,
And inspire the flame, in others you know

We build up our walls, over the strangest of things,
But the thing about walls, they are beaten by wings,
So if you rise above, the lies and the greed,
Your mind and your heart, are sure to be freed.

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