Travelling Light

By Daniel Kelly – 2019

Em            G             D             Em
The soul of wanderer, you spoke in mysteries
C                           G
More at home among the animals,
The rivers and the trees,
         Em                G
But your wisdom was shared freely,
With your friendship and your song,
       C             G                    D
So it’s hard to believe that you are gone.

Em                   D
Travelling Light, Travelling light,
             C                           G
Driving your home across the country,
Singing songs into the night,
           Em        D             Em
Travelling light, my friend, travelling light,
D                    Em
until the end, travelling light

On the path of the warrior, School of the hidden door,
The sword, the fist, the mind,
your journey to explore,
But a more peaceful soul,
Never graced the earth,
Now your spirit flies free in its rebirth,

Your pride was in your children, the things that they had done,
A loving father watching,
To see them each become,
May your soul find it’s peace,
As you travel through the void,
Carried on the life that enjoyed


About Daniel Kelly

Daniel Kelly is a singer/songwriter from Yass in Australia.
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