Travelling Light

By Daniel Kelly – 2019

Em            G             D             Em
The soul of wanderer, you spoke in mysteries
C                           G
More at home among the animals,
The rivers and the trees,
         Em                G
But your wisdom was shared freely,
With your friendship and your song,
       C             G                    D
So it’s hard to believe that you are gone.

Em                   D
Travelling Light, Travelling light,
             C                           G
Driving your home across the country,
Singing songs into the night,
           Em        D             Em
Travelling light, my friend, travelling light,
D                    Em
until the end, travelling light

On the path of the warrior, School of the hidden door,
The sword, the fist, the mind,
your journey to explore,
But a more peaceful soul,
Never graced the earth,
Now your spirit flies free in its rebirth,

Your pride was in your children, the things that they had done,
A loving father watching,
To see them each become,
May your soul find it’s peace,
As you travel through the void,
Carried on the life that enjoyed


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