Is There Flight On Mars?

A Parody Mashup of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds and David Bowie’s Life on Mars.

Cm G7 G7 Cm x 2
     Bb                    Cm        
The chances of anything flying on Mars,
           G#              Cm
were a milion to one they said
           Bb         Cm
But look what they’ve done.

G                    Dm
The gravity that’s on mars
E7                         Am
is just two thirds that of ours,
Am                     D
Anything that goes up too fast,
Is sure to have flown its last.
         G           Dm
And you need some atmosphere
     E7                   Am
If your hoping the ground to clear,
Am                   D
Air on Mars is very thin,
It’s hard to even begin
     Bb                   Gm
Only one percent that of here
     G#                   Eb
Not much use for flying I fear.
           G7              Cm
But those NASA foks they are Smart,
When it comes to the flying art

It was two thousand and forteen,
When JPL had a dream,
That the rover could have a drone,
A pet of it’s very own,
The mars helicopter scout,
Would take off and fly about,
It was launched a year ago,
But this week put on a show,
With a small piece from the brothers wright,
It flew on the planet last night
Another step on the planet Mars,
In our journey to farther stars.

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