Song for David

Written for the Canadian human rights campaigner David Kilgour by Daniel Kelly, 2022.

Am                    C
When David sat down by the brook,
G                Am
considering the stones,
    C                     G
He watched the water flowing by,
Am         G         Am
And listen to its moan.

C                       G
Stand up stand up, you bravest son,
    C            G   Am
And take five stones from me,
    C                         G
And by the strength of your right hand,
         Am    G      Am
These people will be free.

So David took the stones so smooth,
The stones of truth were made,
He took his sling into his hand,
On shepherds staff his hand was laid.

And David strode into the field,
To face the violent foe,
Who taunted, jeered, and massacred,
The world’s good people so.

And on the field he made a stand,
And spoke his truth quite plain,
Your time has come, you wicked fiend,
You’ll slaughter not again.

The foe he wailed and shook his fist,
He cursed by gods so vile,
The world will never listen boy,
Not while the dollars pile.

But David’s stone, flew fast and true,
It struck a mortal blow,
And before the setting of the sun,
The world had come to know.

Now David’s gone, that hero strong,
Of silent souls defending,
We miss his voice and steady hand,
As lives and worlds are ending.


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