Four Treasures

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

G                                                 D
I held the spear of Lugh in my hand,
D                              C
tipped with white lighting
G               D
That no rival can stand,
Em         C
The courage of kings,
C            G
Returning it sings,
G                 D
A Yew of the forest

I have stood, by destiny’s stone,
ringing with power,
And magic unknown,
The ruler of men,
It will choose once again,
Now is the hour

D              C     G D
Four treasures given to me,
From the land across the Sea,
Em        C
Spades for courage,
G                  D
Diamonds for Power,
C               G
Clubs of Knowledge
Em          D
And the Pleasuring heart.

Nuada, of the silver hand,
sword flaming brightly,
With the knowledge of man,
Severs the night,
Revealing the right,
An Claíomh Solais

The Dagda knows pleasure divine,
on lips and on tongue,
In the Cauldron of life,
To be satisfied,
To bring dead alive,
In the womb of the world,

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