It’s Hard to Be Karen

a parody to the tune of – It’s Hard to Be Humble by Mac Davis

Oh lord, it's hard to be Karen,
With folks making fun of your name,
Each time that I open up Facebook,
I’m part of another cruel meme.
My family say they love me,
And they just can’t explain,
Oh lord it's hard to be Karen,
But I'm trying not to complain.

Last night I went out to dinner,
My steak it was a little bit cold,
And just as I called for the manager,                        
My husband and daughters eyes rolled.
You know that you’ll end up on Reddit,
When they find out the name on your card,
You can bet that they’ll all take a photo.
Being Karen is really quite hard.

I don’t call the cops on my neighbours,
Or push to the front of the queue,  
I really am quite a nice person,
But there’s just nothing that I can do.
I can’t escape my name’s reputation,
But I’m not wealthy, or racist or mean,
I guess I’ll just dye my hair red,  
And start calling myself jean.

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