The Flood

by Daniel Kelly – 2020

Noah was a simple man,
     C             G
He lived a simple life,
    Am                 G
He cared well for his children,
           C             D
And was faithful to his wife,
But then one day the rain
Came down upon the land,
A message from the heavens,
That he couldn’t understand

C               G
Forty days of rain my friends,
C               G
Forty days of fire,
Am              G
Forty days of pestilence,
           C    D    G
And the bodies,Pile higher.

Noah looked out his window,
As the rain came falling down,
And thought about the hatred,
And the violence in his town,
He thought about what it would take
To turn the ship around,
A message from a prophet,
Would it be cast upon the ground

Noah said we need an ark,
But not one made of wood,
And ark of human kindness,
And of people that are good,
We have to sacrifice our greed,
And care for those we hate,
If we build this ark together,
It may not be too late.

So Noah spread the message,
To any who would hear,
To warn them of the coming flood,
And help dispel their fear,
They cut their envy into planks,
And bound them with some hope,
And boarded the ship of tolerance,
Staying safe afloat,

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