The Fool

by Daniel Kelly – 2020

          Am        C    G    Am
In this bleak and un-bending life,
     C         G           Am
We wallow in sadness and strife,
        G      Am
Always seeking more,
        C   G    Am
Worries at our door,
          G                   Am
And the grief pierces like a knife,

Wear for me your glee man’s clothes,
The earth skips before your toes,
With a bawdy rhyme,
Or a sweet bell’s chime,
Yours is the mind that knows.

     C             G       Am
I search for the heart of a fool
     C             G         Am
A shield from the world so cruel,
To laugh and to sing,
At the slightest thing,
Praise ye the lord of misrule.

There is nothing but bad news,
Whatever you gamble you lose,
With each failed try,
A tear from your eye,
You reach out to light the fuse

From the darkness you hear a song,
Filled with a mirth so strong,
Like a good strong wine,
Or a beauty divine,
A cure for all that’s wrong


There are some that call him mad,
The folly of being so glad,
Innocent and free,
That’s the life for me,
When a child’s eyes you’ve had

So thanks to the makers of merry,
Dressed in vine, bud, blossom and berry,
Seeking out the joke,
In a worlds that’s broke,
I will ride the mad mans ferry,


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