Mr Gold

By Daniel Kelly (based on Mr Grinch by Dr Seuss and Albert Hague)

You're a mean one, Mr. Gold
You hearts as black as coal
You're as greedy as a dragon,
There’s nothing you won’t steal,
Mr. Gold
You're a coward and a liar with a slightly greasy feel!

You're a monster, Mr. Gold
Poor Belle’s heart you stole,
You are jealous and resentful,
you've haven’t got a soul, Mr. Gold
I wouldn't trust you at the end of
Hundred and ten foot pole!

You're the dark one, Mr. Gold
Though Storybrooke knows your smile
You have such a tender sweetness
They call you the crocodile, Mr. Gold
Given a choice between the dark and light
you’ll take darkness by the mile!

You have power, Mr. Gold
But it comes at a price,
How many souls have suffered,
In your pursuit of control, Mr. Gold
The four words that best describe
you are as follows, and I quote
"Once, Upon, a Time!"

You're a sad one, Mr. Gold
Because you lost your son,
Your dad treated your badly,
Your wife she ran away, Mr. Gold
Maybe if this show ever finishes
Then you’ll have your day!

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