The Fairy Blade

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

     G                          C    G
A young girl lived with her brothers three,
   Am        G        D    G
A hey down down and a derry oh,
     G               C       G
Each day they went a hunting free,
  C             G          D    G  
While she cut turf by the rowan tree

She cut the turf from break of day
Upon the fairy hill so gay,
With a blunt old knife she toiled away.

The fairy prince he heard her cry,
Gave his magic blade for her to try,
With enchanted blade her work flew by.

Her mother asked her brothers three,
Find why you sister seems so free,
And bring the secret home to me.

In the heather did her brothers hide,
And the secret blade they then espied,
As they wrenched the blade from her she cried.

Where the prince reached hand out from the hill,
The fey blade slashed with evil will,
From severed hand his blood did spill.

Woe to my brothers cruel and mean,
And curse my mother to the fire green,
Alas my prince no more was seen.


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