Now We Are Six

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

   C       F
When I was one,
    C      F
Life just begun,
   Dm        C          G
Everything strange and new,

Then I was two,
There was so much to do,
To walk and to crawl and to see,

   Dm              G
Then there came three,
     Dm        G
With places to be,
    Dm      C           G
And magic behind every door,

So good to be four,
I am learning much more,
Laughing just to be alive,

So quickly comes five,
To grow and to thrive,
At school I am learning new tricks,

Dm         G
Now we are six,
So great to be six,
C               F
I think I will stay,
Forever this way,
   Dm               G          C
Because six is the best age to be.


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