My Last Positive Song

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

G                                   D    G
Some people write songs cause their hungry,
C                  G             D
Some people write songs cause their mad,
C                  Bm                 C
Some people write songs, for a love that is gone,
          Am        G       D
Maybe the only one they ever had,

G             C      G      D
So this is my last positive song
C             G           D
All of the good vibes are gone,
G                   C
I’ve been trying each day,
To sing the heartache away,
          C             G         D
But this year’s been too bad for too long,

Some people write songs cause they’re lonely,
Some people write songs for the fame,
Some people write songs, to right the world’s wrongs,
To give the lost and forgotten a name,

Some people write songs to remember,
Some people write songs to forget,
Some people write songs of the places they’ve been,
Or the places they haven’t been yet,


About Daniel Kelly

Daniel Kelly is a singer/songwriter from Yass in Australia.
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