Wombat Rural Fire Service

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

          G                              D
You may think you know the story of the wombat,
           C                             G
May have seen a couple of them at the zoo,
              G                                 C
But there’s a secret to this fine and furry fellow,
          D                              G
And it’s one that I will now relate to you,

Well the wombat he is good at digging burrows,
A subway network, just under the ground,
We never really understood its purpose,
But in this fire season it’s been found,

              C             G
It’s the wombat rural fire service,
              C                          D
A place for animals to hide when fire’s near,
              G                    C
They all shelter safely in the burrows,
       D                                 G
Of smoke and flames and embers have no fear

The wombat has a nose that’s like no other,
He can catch a whiff of smoke from miles away,
Then he grunts the news to koala, snake and parrot,
To come shelter in his burrow for the day,

The scientists have very often wondered,
Why the wombat builds more burrows than he needs,
Cause he’s a member of the rural fire service,
Saving others is the essence of his creed


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