Burned Through

by Daniel Kelly – 2019

C               G          Am                   C
Sifting through the ashes, in this place that was my home,
C                    G               Am                   D
Twisted steel and blackened concrete, all that’s left of what I own
C          G                    C               G
Australian’s we start again, at least that’s what I’ve been told,
C               G               Am              D
But today I won’t be starting, I just feel tired and old,

G               Bm  
Burned through, burned through,
C               G                   Am              D
When that wall of fire came, there was nothing I could do,
C                    G                     C          G
Reach a hand out to your neighbour, find a way to help them through,
C          G                    D
The heart of the country is burned through.

Well tom down the road, he fared better than me,
Lost the shed out the back, and his wife’s favourite tree,
But when I passed him in the street today, he wouldn’t catch my eye,
There is guilt in the survivor, some part that wonders why,

The polies will be here today, with their camera crew behind,
Looking for a hand to shake, they'll get a piece of my mind,
But I’m thankful to the firies, those souls so brave and fine,
Giving up their time, and sometimes lives, to try hold back the fire line

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