Just a Little Left

by Daniel Kelly 2020

     G                                    D
Just because your gonna vote for Bernie Sanders
     C                                 G
Doesn’t mean that you’re a fan of Mao Zedong,
         G                        C
And believing in fair and living wages,
           D                                G
Doesn’t mean you think that enterprise is wrong.

      C                       Bm          C
A little to the left, just a little to the left,
       G                    D
You only have to move a little to the left,
                 C               Bm         C
The world can be kind and fair,  With just a little care,
          C             D            G
All you have to do is move a little left,

Jeff Bezos doesn’t need 100 billion,
He could probably get by with one or two,
When there are people working who cannot break even,
It seems pretty clear what we should do.

You don’t have to cast your lot with Che Guevara,
Don’t have to tear the whole damn system down,
Trump will tell you that the democrats are commies,
But that’s clearly just the ravings of a clown.

You’re not a traitor if you care about the forest,
Or want to keep the skies and rivers clean,
We can have industry as well as social conscience,
Just ask IKEA they will tell you what I mean,


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