Sourdough Starter

A Parody of Stan Rogers’ Mary Ellen Carter

We were in lockdown last October,
And it really was a pain,
I could not get to the bakery,
For my dose of local grain,
The cheap stuff from the grocery store,
Wasn’t the same you know, and
My spirits and my pants were dropping low.
Then I saw a post on Pinterest,
A crust that caught my eye,
Artisan bread that's made at home,
Is what I did espy,
I needed just a starter,
I could get it through the mail,
Heaven help the family if I fail
Well I ordered one on eBay,
It came in just a week,
I fed her flour and water,
Till she bubbled to a peak.
And that first loaf from the oven,
It set my heart aglow,
I laughed and ate,
The best bread you can know.

I baked with her all summer,
Some days around the clock.
Baguettes and buns and bagels,
Our pantry was well stocked
With every teaspoon from the jar,
I swore I would remain and
Make that new sourdough starter rise again!

Rise again, rise again,
No matter what the cost,
I’ll have good bread again,
It doesn’t really matter,
if on lockdown we remain,
My new sour dough starter will rise again.

The lockdown it was lifted,
And we all gave a cheer.
The family said now it’s time, and
To get away form here.
So we took a little holiday, and
Left our cares behind, but
But the starter it had never,
Crossed my mind.

She was left there on the kitchen bench,
To bubble and to grow,
The lid came off and down she spilled
onto the ground below,
When we finally made it home,
She’d near sang her last refrain,
But I made that sourdough starter rise again!

Rise a   gain, rise a   gain,
Though lockdown may be broken,
And finally at an end,
No matter what you've lost,
Be it a job, bread shop, a friend,
Like the new Sourdough Start rise again!


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