7 Years Old in El Salvador

By Daniel Kelly – 2019 for #AmplifytheChildren

G                    C      G
I was 7 years old in El Salvador, 
C                        G            D
my parents decided that they needed more,
G                       C              G
A safe place to live, to work and to grow
C                  G         D         G
Away from the violence and hunger we know. 

We came to the border, in sight of the land,
We had hoped would accept us, with a welcoming hand,
But soon all our hopes, were dashed to the ground,
Taken from my family, now in prison I’m found.

D                         C                    G
And I wonder what’s going through that guards mind
C                      G         Em            D     
As he threatens and yells, with language unkind
D                    C           G
Doesn’t he have, children of his own?
C                 G           D
Is hate all that he’s ever known?

One day the nurse came, to show us some care,
To brush all the lice from our dirt tangle hair,
She left the comb with us, she could see our need,
The guards demanded we return it, driven by greed.

Oh how they shouted in meaningless rage,
And threatened to take the beds from our cage,
When the comb wasn’t found, our blankets they stole,
We slept on concrete so cold. 

So I tell you my story, and I hope that you’ll hear,
We are children like yours, imprisoned down here.
Would you be so cruel, to one of your own?
On this planet we are together alone.

I am seven years old, in the US of A,
But I don’t feel too lucky, being here today,
I was hoping for freedom, a new life ahead,
Now my parents are gone and I wish I was dead.

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