Climate Changers

by Daniel Kelly – 2019

G                              C         G
Well you may not believe in climate change,
C                  G               Am               D
But you surely concede that the weather’s been strange.
G                          C             G
The Snow in the Spring as the fires they burn,
C             G             D         G
Hailstones fall and the hurricanes turn.

C                          G
Do something, do something now,
       Am            G
I don’t really care what,
C                    D
And I can’t tell you how,
G                C
The planet she needs us to,
C             G
Turn things around,
C             G             D                 G
Or humanities future, will be dust in the ground

It don’t really count if you share Greta’s tweets,
Or like it when movie stars change what they eat,
It has to be action, that real and concrete,
The kinds that others, will see in the street   

Recycle your garbage, and plant out a tree,
If you’re really excited, you might just plant three
Ride your cycle to work, if it isn’t too far,
To offset the pollution you made in your car.

But don’t get too cocky about things that you’ve done,
Remember that life, is supposed to be fun,
If you use your actions to judge and to shame,
The others you hurt, will not join in our game.

I don’t really think that our house is on fire,
Or that all politicians should be sent to the pyre,
We are all to blame, for our ignorant greed,
Instead of caring together, for our mother in need.

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