Scarf Lore

by Daniel Kelly – 2021

     G                  Em
The leaves are turning gold again,
C                    G
The weather’s turning cold,
And as I sit here with my Latte,
C                    G
I ponder mysteries of old.

     Am              G
The pumpkin spice I breath it in,
     G               D
The wind pulls at my hair,
     C                    G
Maybe this year it will happen,
           C    D      G
and the story becomes clear.

 Em           G                 D
Where’s the scarf, Where’s the scarf,
     C               G
Is it hiding for a laugh?
           C               G
Does it understand the ruckus,
              D’           G
That’s been raised on its behalf.

Taylor’s Red release is doing well,
It’s smashing all the charts,
With its re-created magic,
Of the breaking of the hearts.

But that scarf is still a missing,
And nobody knows where,
Is it possibly in Jake’s draw,
With memories he keeps there?

Thirteen’s a lucky number,
It’s half of twenty six,
Is the answer in the lyrics,
Or is the queen just playing tricks

In the red leaves and the orange,
That lie there at me feet,
I think I see the pattern,
Of an enigmatic tweet.

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