Ballad of the Dark Crystal

By Daniel Kelly – 2021 (except the prophesy from Dark Crystal) – Capo 4

       Em        G      D      C
When single shines the triple sun,
what was sundered and undone
Em                   D  
shall be whole, shall be whole
D           Em
the two made one
    Em    D      Bm     Em
by Gelfling hand or else by none

To Thra the UrSkeks banished came,
To purge dark hearts in crystal flame,
To go home, to go home,
They would have done,
But darkness birthed the two from one,

The Skesis cruel, and greedy all,
Hunt Gelfling, Podling enthrall,
Taking all, Taking all,
They plot and scheme,
Eternal life their vile dream.

The urRu while gentle and kind,
Have left the folks of Thra behind,
Only wait, only wait,
For destiny,
Inaction can be tragedy,

Young Jen the Gelfling, child of war,
Raised by UrSu for destinies door,
The shard, the shard,
Must be restored,
The future of Thra, is your reward

The Crystal Dark, now shines bright,
Thra it grows with truth and light,
Aughra, Aughra,
Rules as before,
The UrSkeks whole, but dark no more


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