Ode to the Christmas Tree


by Daniel Kelly 2021
     G              C         G
We hang the fruit upon the boughs,
        C        G
In the dark of year,
Am                 D
When cold winds howl,
      G                C       G
The fruit reminds of summer last,
    C          G
And winter’s chill,
D          G
Soon to be past.

   C    G       D
Oh Christmas Tree,
    G      D    C
Oh Christmas Tree,
    G            Em
Glowing in the winter night,
C       D     G
For all humanity

We hang the lights among the green,
To warm our hearts,
When times are lean,
The lights are stars in darkest night,
They call the sun,
To return bright.

We stack the gifts, below the tree,
Wrapped up tight,
We cannot see,
The gifts reflect our love so true,
From heart to heart,
From me to you.

We lift the star, to sit aloft,
We sing her praise,
With voices soft,
The star is hope, for future new,
The night will pass,
We’ll make it through,

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