by Daniel Kelly, 2017

   G    D      C D    G
Sitting in the hotel room
      C              D       G
The kids have just gone to sleep
                  C      G
Don’t have the money to stay,
       D          G
But I had to get away
      C        G              D
I’m tired of living with the fear

   C G         D         G
Broken and it won’t be healed
      C        G       Am          D
You took from me, my faith in the world
       Em         C              D          G
When hands that hurt, should be hands that hold
    C            D        G
I know that its time to leave

When first we met, how the world seemed new
Your smile would light up my day
But now you’ve shown me a side
Which you did well to hide
A violence where there should be a heart

For so long, I shared the blame,
Looking for what I’d done wrong,
But now I know it isn’t me,
I was too scared to see,
That the only monster was you


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