Autumn Muse

by Daniel Kelly - 2017

G               C     D
With hope and summer over,
     C       G    
We harvest bitter fruit
     C                  Em
The songbirds now are leaving,
     Am               D
The colours pale and mute.

The Autumn Muse she blows,
            Em                   D
Through the hearts of young and old,
          C              G
With her worn and icy fingers,
      Am                  D
She tears with breath so cold.
      C          D        G
She tears with breath so cold.

Life grows slow and feeble,
The strength of youth all spent,
We steel ourselves for winter,
Eyes dull and backs are bent,

We think on the spring long over,
A spark to keep us warm,
As we sing in the final harvest,
And wait for the snow and storm,

The muse she clears the broken,
The tired and the worn,
So in spring when buds do open,
The world can be reborn.

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