The Widow Whitgift

By Daniel Kelly, 2017 (based on Dymchurch Flit, by Rudyard Kipling)
      Em                Am
The Widow Whitgift she stood at her door,
     G         Am         D
And gazed out over the marsh.
     Em                       D           C
The wind it did blow, and the sea it did roll
        Em            D               C
But a stranger sound broke the night air,
     G           D            Em
A stranger sound flew on the air.

A flutter of wings and a spark of green,
And Robin he stood at her side,
Saying Henry has trampled the homes of the Fey
And in England we can no longer bide,
In England we’ll no longer bide.

We’ve gather all here on the Romney Marsh
In search of a ship for to flee,
For now we must cross the channel to France,
In search of a home to be free,
For a land where our kind can be free

But I have no crew to sail the ship,
And I’m too old to sail myself,
But you have two sons, Robin did say
And awakened they stand on the shore,
Ready they stand on the shore.

The Widow she said, but one son is mute,
And the other son he cannot see,
Worry not Robin said, we’ll see them aright
Just give us your blessing to leave,
We need your blessing to leave.

The widow she sighed, afraid for her sons,
But nodded to Robin the same,
A thousand small footsteps they boarded the ship
And her two young songs they did the same,
Yes her two young sons boarded the same.

On the morning the Widow’s sons did return,
Safe to their mother’s side.
And it’s said that her family were blessed with the sight,
For her favour to all faery kind,
For her favour saved all faery kind.

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