From the River to the Sea

by Daniel Kelly – 2024

G               C      G
From the River to the Sea,
    C       G        D   G
Why can’t we live in harmony?
    G               D     G
Christian, Muslim, Jew and Me,
    C     G      D          (Em)G
How much blood will see us free? x 2

The land is taken, land is won,
We’ll fight until the dying sun,
Once death is dealt, can’t be undone,
When you are living by the gun,

Minds and hearts are fixed and closed,
Both sides protest, both oppose,
No moral ground, while hate still grows,
Students dress in terror’s clothes,

Of a wasteland he’ll be king,
Netanyahu does his thing,
Violence will more violence bring,
Dove of peace she cannot sing,

From the River to the Sea,
Means death to you and death to me,
Peace will not come easily,
Both Palestine and Israel free,

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