Smug and Woke

By Daniel Kelly – 2021

             C                 G
Michael is a poet, a national prize
                F                                G
His cartoons show compassion, and call out the lies
                C                            G
But the new folk committee, in an action bizarre
                F                     G7        C
They threw out his poster, a virtue signal too far

I’m so smug and woke, I’m so smug and woke,
There’s no social issue I’m too proud to stoke,
I’m so smug and woke, I’m so smug and woke,
If I see another old white man I’ll choke. 
(Lay off Michael Leunig, He’s a really good bloke)

Pete Seeger he taught us, intolerance is for fools,
They cancelled miss Rowling, like Umbridge's rules,
But there is an army, of free thinking folk,
Who stick to their morals, and refuse to be woke.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think rapists are bad,
And racists and bigots sure make me feel mad,
But humanity thrives, on a spectrum of views,
And if you demand thought compliance, We’re all bound to lose

About Daniel Kelly

Daniel Kelly is a singer/songwriter from Yass in Australia.
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2 Responses to Smug and Woke

  1. SmugandWoke says:

    Written and sung by an old white guy, about an old white guy.

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest right here.

  2. Daniel Kelly says:

    An old white guy who spent the last 50 years drawing cartoons and writing poetry that called out injustice, inequity and the cruelty embedded within governments, corporations and the broader society.

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