Squid Game

By Daniel Kelly, 2021, to Bob Dylan's It's Alright Ma

Since the days of ancient Rome,
There’s been those that rule, those who are owned,
Whether by the chain, or by what is ow’n
They’re doomed to die scared and alone,
Within the silent catacomb, of this squid game.

The preachers preach compounding fears,
While lining robes with silent tears,
Of the innocent young with no careers,
Crippled inside the grinding gears,
Tuned well by the monstrous engineers, of this squid game.

Gamble life and gamble love,
To beat the game and rise above,
Just one more horse and one more shove,
Give two with hand, take ten with glove,
Cheat the good, kill peace’s dove,
If you ever hope to win this squid game,
So don't lose your nerve
It’s the greater good you serve
It's alright, Man, you’re just dying

From up their in the castle high,
They watch us toil, they watch us die,
No chance they’ll ever share the pie,
With those who crawl with jealous eye,
Amidst the ladders, swings and stys,
They carefully constructed for this squid game.

And when at last your bodies dead,
They steel the eyes from in your head,
Heart, liver, lungs are sold for bread,
The Chinese dragon must be fed,
We all are slowly blindly led,
Into the darkest heart of this squid game.


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