The Alchemist

by Daniel Kelly – 2022

           G          D           G
The sheep they graze free on the meadow,
     C                      G
The world turns beyond my command,
          C          D
What could be and has been,
           G    Em
Is shrouded in mystery
     C               D          G
Only known is the place where I stand

           C          D
If I was back in the arms,
          G          C
Of the merchant’s daughter,
C               G          D
Far from the sands and the sea,
Em                D        G               Em
Content with the field, the sun and the water,
     C          D          G
A shepherd’s life is for me

But treasure beyond calls to me,
It haunts the depths of my dreams,
To struggle and strive,
With the base stuff of life,
Until gold in the crucible gleams,

I travel across the Sahara,
Facing thieves and warlords and more,
Caught up in the wind,
Of circular metaphor,
Sand as far as the falcon can soar,

I should have never listened to the Gypsy,
Or taken Melchizedek’s stones,
The gold in my hand,
Turns to ashes,
When I think of my flock and my home.


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