by Daniel Kelly 2022

G                               C    G
When I open my eyes on the factory floor,
   Am           G                          D
Such a beautiful world, full of life to explore
G                               C    G
My heart grew so full at each child’s embrace,
     G          Bm              D          G
The sparking of love in every new shopper’s face.

G               D    G
I still have hugs to give,
C               G    D
I still have love to live,
G               D          G
Don’t abandon me here in my prime,
     C          D       G
For I can not run from time.

You carried me home, set me up in the room,
Where you declared your love, a heart in full bloom,
The heavens cried beauty when your darling said yes,
And I watched from the floor as she tried on the dress.

But now I sit lonely here in the grass,
Beside the old church, lost in the past,
The rain it falls down, and my seams start to tear,
No place in the world for an oversized bear.

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