The Milk Fun

a parody of The Bilk Run by Leslie Fish

There ain't no seed, can't be sowed,
There ain't no grass that can't be mowed,
Ain't no cow that can't be milked,
And there ain't no song that can't be filked

You're a Trekkie, I'm a Jedi,
She's a brown coat let's write a song,
Put our words to a good strong melody,
We'll win a Pegasus before long

Because there ain't no guitar, can't be played,
Ain't no cat that can't be spayed,
Ain't no Scotsman can't be kilt,
And there ain't no song that can't be filked

I'm a wizard, you're a cultist,
Grab a book and lets cast a spell,
We can raise and ancient terror,
Banished from Argo down to hell

Cause there ain't no spirit can't be raised,
Ain't no gods that want your praise,
Ain't no threads that can't be silked,
And their ain't no song that can't be filked.

Bring your song out, in the circle,
There's no judgement, anything goes,
What we praise is heart not mastery,
With listeners too, the filksing grows,

There ain't no voice that cannot sing,
Ain't no soul with naught to bring,
Ain't no stranger of any ilk,
And there ain't no song that can't be filked


About Daniel Kelly

Daniel Kelly is a singer/songwriter from Yass in Australia.
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