City to Country Blues

by Daniel Kelly – 2022

Well I moved here from the city,
       C               G
Just a few short months ago,
        C              G
From that new suburb in Canberra,
Where the Latte’s freely flow,
     C                    G
But I notice things are different,
           D                    G
Among these folks with backward ways,
        C             G
So I’m gonna put complaints in,
     D                     G
And make sure the council pays,

           C               G
The smoke comes through my window,
             D             G
The rooster wakes me up at dawn,
           C               G
There’s sheep bleating at midnight,
And the dogs bark till the morn,
  C                  G
People say hello at ALDI,
           D               G
There’s cow dung on my shoes,
           C            D        G
I’ve got the city, to country blues

Well I don’t know what to tell you mate,
I’ve lived here for fifteen years,
And the pretenses of city folks,
They drive me half to tears,
Give me dirt and dust and cattle,
And a town that’s full of life,
If you like your filtered air so much,
You should go back to Latte Life.

That rooster keeps the cats away,
The dog she scares the thief,
And the gentle moan of lambing flocks,
Is the sweet sound of relief,
They’ve been burning wood to keep warm here,
For 60,000 years,
So you if you can’t learnt to love the country,
cry me a river with your tears.

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