The Scientific Method

By Daniel Kelly - 2022

          C             G           C
There are more types of matter than we thought,
       F             G                    C
Some new quark formations we have caught,
            F           G
These ones are quite ‘Exotic’,
      C                 F
It’s a complicated topic,
      C                       G           C
But I’ll do my best to summarize for you

The work of that Large Hadron Collider,
Keeps making our knowledge of physics wider,
By smashing stuff together
The faster the better.
They’ll make ignorance a matter of the past

G         F    G
So it’s time to,
Re-Analyze the Data,
We’ll go on Fox News Later,
C                       G
Construct Hypothesis a new,
And we’ll, test with experiments,
Check results for congruence,
C                       G           C
And publish all our findings before you.

Those quarks they come in many different flavours,
Much like ice cream, but with little time to savor,
Top, bottom and Up Down,
Strange and Charm are found,
In the soup of stuff, from which we’re all created.

These quarks they get together in strange pairings,
Much like people, but with quite a bit less staring,
Pairs of two and three we knew,
Now Four and Five discovered to,
Who knows where all this mingling is ending.

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