Harriet Jacobs

By Daniel Kelly - 2022

Asus             G
Six years in the darkness,
Am             Em
Six years in my cell,
C                     G
Six years without my children,
Am             Em    Am
Six years of living hell.

C              G
I was born in slavery,
    Am     Em
Harriet’s my name
   G              Am
My father was a carpenter,
       C     G      Am
My story is one of shame,

Not the shame of motherhood,
Or children born in sin,
But the vile shame of slavery,
The cruel world that I lived in

My master was a doctor,
He lusted for my youth,
40 years my senior,
His wife she learned the truth,

I was hidden in the garret,
To escape the master’s hate,
I watch my children through a hole,
Growing up to share my fate

I escaped and wrote my story,
Published in 1861,
The truth about white power,
And the horrific things they’d done,

I worked during the civil war,
Starting the Jacob’s school,
With knowledge and education,
My people will no longer be your tool


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