Hatton’s Corner

by Daniel Kelly – 2022

C                    G
Broken bottles strewn around,
Am                   F
Fast food wrappers on the ground,
Am                   G               Am
You would think nobody cares for this town,

If we told who left them there,
The Careless vandals wouldn’t dare,
To show their face in the street.

C               G               Am
Cleaning up the mess at Hatton’s Corner
Cleaning up the mess at Hatton’s Corner
C           G     Am           F
Tom and his son, before the day is done,
           Am              G               Am
Are still cleaning up the mess at Hatton’s Corner

With selfless pride in our little town,
Tom soon gained deserved renown,
But not everyone was happy with his action.

Leave the mess to someone else,
Who made you take this task yourself,
To think you’re so much better than us others

Keeping our town clean with pride,
Is virtue that can’t be denied,
But better still if others didn’t litter.

For those who toss rubbish and food,
So selfish, arrogant and rude,
May learn a lesson from their public unmasking


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