Yass Water

By Daniel Kelly – 2019

Here’s a story I will tell,
     C               G
One Yass residents know well,
     G                               D
One of the dirty little secrets of our town,
Turn the tap on at your sink,
     C                  G
You’ll be greeted by a stink,
G                    D               G
And a colour ranging from urine to brown.

C               G
Yass water, Yass water,
G                                         D
I’m sick of bathing in and cleaning with Yass Water,
All my clothes are turning brown,
A sickly odour to the town,
G                    D                   G
It’s well past time to clean up this Yass Water.

Well the smell’s hard to define,
Between mouldy socks and slime,
And the colour will just make your stomach turn,
Not fit to bath your kids,
Or boil up your squids,
And you better like wearing dirty brown,

There are some who don’t complain,
“We’re lucky to have water at all”, they explain,
But this here is the 21st century,
I pay $400 bucks a year,
To have this swill delivered here,
plus a dollar for each thousand gallons used.

A proper treatment plant,
The council says it can’t,
$11 million is too hard to find,
Just glad I have a rain tank,
Don’t have to drink that stank,
But it’s time the people stood up for themselves.


3 thoughts on “Yass Water

  1. hi daniel i hope you believe in left field and disruptive technology

    i am promoting a floculating system run on a car battery to settle out impurities and am busting to test it in yass as it is the most topical and relevant
    ps love the lyrics

    1. Hi Andy, your best bet would be to join the ‘Yass Residents expecting Better Water’ Facebook group and see if you can get anyone interested. I suspect that the geosmin is dissolved and therefore wouldn’t be separated through any agitation process.

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