Heart Song

by Daniel Kelly

G               D    C    D'(3rd fret)  
Somethings you lose along the way
G          Bm         C          D’
Nothing is constant, nothing stays

C          D
So trust you heart,
G               C
And follow the light,
G          D
Feed you soul,
C          D     G   
Let you spirit take flight

I’ve been lost, wandering long,
Searching for the hidden song,

But look with your heart,
And not with your eyes,
You’re on the steps,
Of a new paradise

Truth can be found, amidst the maze,
Let go your hate, compassion’s gaze

Open your heart,
Embrace the world,
Swallow the pain,
Immortal unfurled,

About Daniel Kelly

Daniel Kelly is a singer/songwriter from Yass in Australia.
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