Good Ale

by Daniel Kelly – 2024

Written for Twilight Waters

For we all need good Ale, Sir.
We all need good Ale, 
In cup or flagon or pail Sir, 
We all need good Ale.

The fishmongers work is messy and hard, 
He doesn’t smell great when he comes from the yard, 
Finding a wife is a challenge he’ll fail, 
So he sure needs good Ale. 

The merchant he takes all your coin it is true,
And seldom measures with weights that are true,
He’ll put up the price while he tells you a tale,
And sell you a fine cup of Ale,

A baker arises well before the sun, 
And kneading his dough doesn’t look like much fun,
The bread that he sells is moldy and stale,
So he needs a good cup of Ale,

The blacksmith strikes hard with a powerful arm, 
Sparks fly on cutlass or plough for the farm, 
He can even make you a good set of mail,
And he needs a flagon of Ale,

The sailor works hardest of all that’s no lie,
And when he’s ashore there’s something he’ll buy,
Best serve it to him in a bloody big pail,
A generous portion of ale,

The harlot she learns ins and outs of her trade,
And flat on her back is where her money’s made,
She’ll give you a smile from up on the rail,
If you buy her a good cup of ale,

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