White Jesus

by Daniel Kelly – 2024

Hey white Jesus,
Can you answer a question for me,
           G             Em
Cause I’m really struggling to see,
          C               G
How my saviour could be convicted,
Of a felony.

Hey white Jesus,
Did you feed the poor too much again,
Did you turn the other check again,
Were you speaking out against corruption,
In the government.

     C                  G
Cause I’m trying to understand,
C           G 
Are you really just a man,
     C               Em
Was your vision for America,
          C           D
Just a con and not a plan,

Hey white Jesus,
The Stormy sure wasn’t your wife,
Yet you claim to live a righteous life,
Were you lying to the masses,
All along.

     C             G
You are not the messiah,
     D               G
You’re just a naughty boy,
     C           G
You are not the messiah,
     D      C       G
America is not your toy,

Hey white Jesus,
When they find out that you are a fraud,
And you’re truly not the risen lord,
There’ll be no one to protect you,
From the angry mob.

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