One Small Step

by Daniel Kelly – 2019

     Em                                Am            D
It’s one small step for man, come and follow if you can,
          Em        B7        Em
We are opening a gateway to Mars,
     Em                                Am                 D
And although we risk our lives, and we miss our sons and wives,
Em                 B7            Em   
We are building a ladder to the stars.

In nineteen sixty one, Johnny K he had begun,
The long and painful journey to the moon,
With the Russian’s there to beat, communism to defeat,
The victory it couldn’t come to soon.

It took 10 years of sweat and tears, by a hundred engineers,
Till the tower of flame was ready for the launch,
Three brave and reckless men, strapped atop in a small can,
Were ready with their courage staunch.

It was fifty years ago, that humanity came to know,
Our race was destined to be free,
But instead through fear and hate, we have left it all too late,
Too meet our future in the galaxy

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