Always a Villain

a parody to the tune of Billy Joel’s She’s Always a Woman

He can win with a smile, and his glazed over eyes.
He can ruin your faith with continual lies.
And he only reveals what he wants you to see.
He cries like a child, and he’s always a villain to me.

Ohhh… he takes care of himself.
Always get’s what he want wants, he’s a man of his time.
Ohhh… and he never looks out,
and he never looks in, he just changes his mind.

He’ll build you a wall, just to comfort your fears,
He’ll lock up the children and laugh at their tears,
See him race baiting, congresswomen three,
You think that he’s strong, but he’s always a villain to me

He’ll promise America, will be great once again,
But never deliver, the swamp’s now a fen,
Cares only for power, will not bend the knee,
He may look like a saviour, but he’s always a villain to me

He’s never been kind, an expert in the cruel,
He does as he pleases, just playing the fool,
He should be convicted, and impeached you’ll agree
That nasty old man will always be a villain to me

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