Voice Treaty Truth

by Daniel Kelly – 2019

G          D      G
Language keeps us proud,
               C      G       D
It hold’s the spirit of our people,
    Em  D   G            C            G   D
Only 13 now remain, of the hundreds spoken here.
    Em    D      G                     C      G       D
Language gave us voice, it holds the stories of our dreaming,
         C            G            C        D        G
The culture that sustains us, and ties us to the land.

        C      D       G
I will find my voice again,
         C        G            D
I will sing the songs of my people,
         Em       D   G
We will make a treaty now,
           C        G          D
With the ones who took our land,
         Em          D
We will speak the truth,
        G  D   C
With an open heart,
C        D            G            C   D
And find a future shared

Our country was never lost,
Our people never surrendered,
It is occupied land, that you walk upon,
It is time to make amends, to change the constitution,
A treaty signed between us, first people recognised.

The truth is hard to face,
The years of decimation,
Of our people and our land, the culture you erased,
The souls you ground to dust, the children who were taken
We must stare it in the eye, no turning from the past

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