Winter Solstice

by Daniel Kelly

     C              G              D             G
The days have been cold, with a frost on the field,
    Am          Em           D
The sun it dips low in the sky,
      C           G          D             G
The king of the Holly, his reign has been long,
            C                D
But he’s aging and ready to die.

          G       C          G
On the longest night of the year,
         C          G            D
We will fill the darkness with cheer,
       G          C          D         G
Our praise to the sun, his slumber is done,
     Em    D(C)           G
He rises again from the night.

We will kindle the fire, burn the Yule log again,
Cherish the trees ever green,
Our memory of summer, dreams of the spring,
Look to the oak child of the queen,

Share a kiss under, the mistletoe bough,
Feast the return of the light,
Our new king is rising, his power awakes,
Upwards again on his flight.

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