The Ballad of Louis Renault

By Daniel Kelly – 2021

       C                    F      C
Let me sing you the story of Louis Renault,
       F      C             Dm            G
A Frenchman that most of you probably don’t know
      C                    F      C
Louis is the father of all motor cars,
F                    C             G               C
His name should be known, and praised near and far.

Louis was a smart and a curious boy,
He’d rather build engines than play with a toy,
With his older brothers Mercel and Fernand,
He built a car business, renouned in the land.

In 1914, when war came to France,
Louis built tanks for the deadliest dance,
The Grand Cross awarded for the work he had done,
In the Legion of Honor, so rarely won.

But de Gaulle needed money, the resistance to pay,
He called Louis a traitor and put him away,
Murdered for money, not by communist plot,
But by a new French dictator, who had stolen the lot.

Despite Louis death, and his families false shame,
The Renault car maker continued its fame,
They built the Quarte Chevaux, fighting Morris and Bug,
A century of magic, from bitter stone dug.



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