Mary Did You Stay?

By Daniel Kelly – 2021

Am   G        C   
Mary did you stay,
           G        Am
When the men had run away,
           C         G      Am
Did you keep that midnight vigil,
Am         F    G      Am
Till the dawning of the day.
         C           G      Am
Did you hold your faith so tightly,
   F      G       Am
Through the darkness of the night,
     G                     Am
So it was your eyes that witnessed,
     C          G      Am
The returning of the light.

Mary did you stay,
When the violent hands they fell,
And the fists of men, they killed a god,
And summoned fiends of hell,
Did you witness without flinching,
The evil hearts of man,
When disciples fled at cock’s crow,
It was the women standing then.

Mary did you cry,
When you broke the jar so sweet,
Did the tears flow down into your hair,
As you washed the master’s feet,
Did the words of anger sting you,
From the men withing the room,
Or was your heart a burning fire,
With the knowledge of his doom.

Mary do you smile,
From your throne among the stars,
Where you mark the petty ways of men,
So angry at their scars,
Do you hear your sisters crying,
Every one that falls,
Do you take them softly in your arms,
When eternity it calls.





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