The Muon Wobble

by Daniel Kelly – 2021

G7            C         G       C         F                  C
There’s a gap in your standard model, something there that you can’t see
     F                 C             G          G7      C
It isn’t a quark or neutrino, now what could it possibly be?

When I did undergratudate physics, and results didn’t match the theory,
F                G          G7            Am       G                    C
With a bit of a nudge, and some creative smudge, I’d always make sure they agree.

But the folks that worked at Brookhaven, their mistake they refused to conceal,
The Model is wrong, it was all along, say the muons that raced round the wheel.


A bit more than twenty years later, in the interest of measurements fine,
On the Fermilab floor, in action once more, the magnetic ring was online

Now Muons that have a small wobble, to complex for me to explain,
But by catching their dance, there is a small chance, we’ll all have to learn physics again


Now there’s no need for you to be frightened, no worm-holes will darken your door,
It just means the we, don’t understand what we see,  and we must learn a little bit more

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