You Bastards

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

G                              C  G
I was 18 when I joined the plant, in 1954,
Em            G                        D
To make the FJ Holden, like my father did before,
C                       Em     D          G                    C
We worked our fingers to the bone, on lathe and punch and vice,
       G                D          C      D         G
To build a stronger nation, we gladly paid the price.

         C                 G             C             G
But you sold us out you bastards, pissed us up against the wall,
       C             Em            C             D        G
In the race for power and profit, you have betrayed us all,

The Holdens roared at Bathurst, in 1968,
Mount Panorama’s winding turns, the drivers tempting fate,
A Monaro under Bruce McPhee, victorious on the hill,
Left Fords and Alfas in the dust, the nations cheering still,

The Kingswood was immortalised, on the country’s TV screens,
The car that was Australia, and everything that means,
Our nations heart infused, in glass and steel and chrome,
Symbolic of the culture, to call our very own,

The first nail in the coffin, was invasion by Japan,
1980’s Mitsubishi, conquered with sedan,
When Abott refused to lend and hand in 2013,
Holden’s future in Australia, could only be a dream.

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