The Frederick

By Daniel Kelly - 2020

    G             C         D         G
Me name is James Porter, seafair’ns my game,
G                                 D
I’ve been out on the ocean, since I had name,
G             C                    G
But the stealing of silk, brought an end to my glee,
G             Bm            D        G
I was shipped to Australia and no longer free.

              C                    G
Now we’re sailing the Fredrick to Chile,
C                           D
Fleeing the lash and the chain,
     G                          C
Van Dieman’s land, is far far behind,
G           D      G   
Hope I never will see it again

On the Asia we sailed to van Diemen’s Land,
In Hobert I was sent out, a free working hand,
I worked hard for the Master’s, whichever I had,
But all of them turned out bankrupt or bad,

I developed the habit for daring escape,
The dreaded Sarah Island it then was my fate,
I witnessed the worst inclination of man,
The hanging and flogging so once more I ran.

Major Bailey set convicts to the shipbuilding trade,
When the order to move to Port Arthur was made,
To finish the Fredrick, he left 10 behind,
With only 9 free men, to keep us in line.

We developed a plan, to see ourselves free,
I had a young wife and a son in Chile,
We hijacked the ship, left the soldiers behind,
And sailed her east, for freedom inclined


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