Crush the Union

     G        D               G
In January of two thousand eighteen
            C        D               G
Transport workers conditions were obscene
C                       D
Salaries replaced by contract
    Bm         Em
Overtime out of control,
     C                                 D
And ten years without a real increase in pay

            C      C         G
Crush the Union, Crush the Union
            G                  D
You don’t have the right to strike,
               G                  D
We’ll pay you what we damn well like,
        C                            D
Make worker’s rights a relic of the past,
            C      C         G
Crush the Union, Crush the Union,
G            D              G
Capital has won the war at last.

The Union made the call to strike,
24 hours of no work was sure to bite,
Sydney Trains force back
To sit at the table,
To negotiate a fair and living wage,

Andrew Constance was ready for a fight,
Taking from the union what should be their right,
To the commission he did go,
Lawyers in a row,
Fair Work such an ironic name,

Brisbane 1912 they wore a badge with pride,
Union members should never have to hide,
10,000 in King George Square,
Union power in the air,
They fought with courage for their right.

Up the Union, Up the Union,
We will keep our right to strike,
A fair wage is our right,
Worker’s together to the last,
Up the Union, Up the Union,
Solidarity our message from the past,

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