Time is Running Out

Words by Alistair Hulett, music by Daniel Kelly

G         C      D      G
Time is running out for us
C                 D           G
Shadows getting longer every day,
     C     D         G     C
I need to find some self control,
              Em        C           D
To let those last few moments slip away
             G        C       D      G
It’s gonna break my heart to leave you,
       C                 D             G    C  D
But I think you’d only break it if I stay,

          G            C           D       G
There’s a torn flag nailed to a telegraph pole,
        C          D        G
On the edge of a rat-arsed town
    C      D             G       C
It used to fly over a castle of dreams
          Em              C     D
Before the walls came tumbling down

Nobody knows what’s gonna happen next,
Could be floods or it might be drought,
Only thing everyone knows for sure
Is time is running out.

I guess I always knew it would come to this,
The Wheels were set in spin,
Ever since we shared that first uncertain kiss
On the edge of the abyss

Down the street where I once was king
I feel invisible now
I once believed truth and honesty
were the only way to be free

But truth is just a place where contradictions
Cancel each other out.
That’s the only conclusion you can draw,
When time is running out.

(Word's slightly modified from the written notes 
published on the Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust Facebook page)

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