Alexei Navalny

by Daniel Kelly 2024

     G            D             G
To the party of thieves and crooks,
           C               G
He was a source of great frustration,
     C               D
In Putin’s blackest books,

           G                 Em
So they charged him and imprisoned him,
     C               G
And poisoned him for sure,
     C               G    D
But now that brave man is no more,

     C    D    G
(but) I am Alexei Nevalny,
     C      D        G
And you are Alexei Nevalny,
     C          D          Em D  C
We stand at the doorstep of Tyranny,
     C          D          G
Demanding the right to be free.

A man of politics and of the law,
Alexei was incensed,
By the corruption that he saw,

A Russia of the Future,
Was the vision he had seen,
And for that he was showered in green,

For human rights he was recognized,
Sakharaov Prize in ’21,
And many more besides,

But they poisoned him with Novichok,
To the gulag he was sent,
But not in vain were his last days spent,

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